Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Radio DJ Elvis Duran Comes OUT

Early on Tuesday during his nationally-syndicated morning radio program, DJ Elvis Duran "officially" came out as a gay man. Though never denying or attempting to hide his sexuality in the past, Duran had yet to make a declarative statement on the matter. When responding to a listener's question about why he often is offended by homophobic comments from another member of his on-air team, Duran simply stated, "because I am gay."

Congrats to Duran for the bold, honest, and mature way in which he handled the issue. With so few visible OUT personalities in mainstream media and entertainment, this is an important step that I hope will be met with enthusiasm and support. Duran's show is broadcast in large and medium-sized markets across the country, instantly making him one of the most influential gay people in the U.S. As a fellow member of the gay media - albeit on a smaller scale - I want to express my sincere appreciation and respect for Elvis Duran!

Let's keep the momentum rolling. Which celebrity will come out next? Leave your predictions in the comments section below!!!