Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New NYC Gay Bashing Has Philly Ties

Shock, outrage, anger sums up how I am feeling today as one of my very good friends was gay bashed last night in New York City.  Dan Contarino, former promoter of Shampoo Nightclub's "Shaft" Fridays, was jumped last night at Avenue D & 4th Street.   Allegedly, witnesses are reporting the assailant was yelling "f*ggot" as he was kicking and beating Dan.  Neighbors rushed to Dan's aid and chased after the attacker but unfortunately he got away. The police are investigating the assault now and have not determine it a hate crime.

I talked with Dan last night and this morning and he is very shaken and as you can see by the photo banged up pretty good.  I am thankful it was not worse as NYC's hate crime spree continues.  In fact, a massive march & rally was held last night in NYC to raise awareness and hopefully result in more police on the streets.

Update @ 12:20pm: