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My oh my, have I got a treat for you ladies and gentlemen, this one’s a catch and a find if I’ve ever seen one, and I’ve spent my fair share of time staring at this one.

Few hours ago while searching for a webcam boy site, I found CamABC.Com . CamABC has a very popular gay boy webcam section that I’ve heard about quite a lot. After a few clicks, I came across their featured cam boy BrianStallion1 for the day. Just one glance at him will let you know why, this naughty white gay swimmer was ripped and hot as hell, just remembering some of the many pictures he had on his profile in his house pool get me going, and I was only done with him a few hours ago.


I was at home and already pretty hot and bothered by the time I came across this hottie laying on his pool chair on the terrace of his house still wet from the last time someone must have tipped him to get into the pool and get that naughty white gay body of his nice and dripping wet. I’m telling you, if you have nothing better to do than to masturbate at home all day and you like hot guys with gigantic cocks I don’t even know why you’re still reading this review instead of being in his room right now.

I wasn’t really listening to what he was talking about when I entered his pretty crowded room, from what I understood he just came on camera not a few minutes ago after I entered, from what I understand the last tip was for him to jerk off in the pool and leave the cum just swimming in there. Apparently it wasn’t even the first time he got such a request, and he fulfilled that lucky tippers fantasy without a second thought. But now he needed a moment to rest and get his stamina back up, so I just chatted with this stud for a while, made sure he was nice and happy before I made my move and took him into private where I would really have some fun with him.


By the time that I thought he would be ready for all my various demands in our live webcam sex chat session, I took him into private and commenced my dastardly plan to get myself off with this hottie. Of course I wanted to see him in the pool, but that’s where I wanted things to end, I wanted a nice build up, so I asked him politely to get his tight little ass of that deck chair and to show off that ripped swimmer body of his. He couldn’t wait to comply, I could already see he was getting excited from showing off, as his swim trunks were becoming tighter with each and every one of my requests, and as a paying customer there’s nothing that gets me going more than knowing the model whose show I am watching is enjoying it as much as I am.

If you wish you were there, well better luck next time, but you know where to find him, and he’s only a few clicks away.

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