Mature slender black gay will be your webcam porn stripper and dancer

It was quite a slow day at work today, so somewhere mid day I decided to give myself a nice long break and explore some of my favorite cam sites. Didn’t take me all that long to start browsing, and not wanting to get into anything too heavy, I was searching for a stripper and dance type situation… and lucky for me this slender black gay FATBLACKCOCK was just what the doctor ordered.


As I said, I was at the office, so I just wanted someone entertaining to look at from time to time while taking care of the daily grind. I wasn’t able to pay attention too much to what was happening in his room’s chat because I was busy with other things, but as I glanced through him putting on his free show I had quite a bit to look at. I always had a thing for a nice hairy chest and he knew exactly how to give us itty bitty glances while still managing to keep his clothes on, quite a pro if I do say so myself.

Some of the audience were tipping for song requests, due to that most of his show is just oriented towards stripping and dancing he really likes to dance exactly to your favorite tune, if you have the money to tip him to play it, he’d love to have a dance to it. I watched him on and off for about 30 minutes or so, before I decided I’d like to see this older ex dancer try out his moves on one of my favorite songs, so I tipped, gave my request, laid back in my office chair and prepared for a show.


Let me just say right away, that I was not disappointed to say the least. As he started doing his thing to my song I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him for a second, and it was obvious, that the more the tips started rolling in, the more liberal he got with showing off more and more skin, and positioning himself more and more provocatively. I swear, I really hoped that at some point he would get that nice big bulge out of his pants, and he knew it, always teasing like he was going to show everything, but never actually being fully naked at any moment. It was the most frustratingly hot show I’ve watched in a while, I cannot explain the idea of wanting to see someone take all their clothes and hoping that they will find a way to show everything off while leaving a bit to the imagination. It was in one word, amazing.

If you wish you could enjoy such a breathtaking sensation like I did, you are only a few moments and clicks away from my mature slender black gay as well as countless others just waiting to fulfill whatever possible fantasy you could have.

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