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Have I got something for you tonight my fellow perverts and cam model enthusiasts. We all know that has some of the best and most varied selection of cam models and performers the internet has to offer, and that’s no small feat. Tonight we’ll be taking a look at another one of their models, this time it’s a young Asian boy who as if by some supernatural ability as able to cum online for hours, I am honestly not even sure how he does it… but you won’t catch me complaining at all.


So it’s way past my bed time, the hour is past midnight, and as per usual I’m looking for something fun to help me vent some of my sexual frustration accumulated throughout the day. So our young Asian boy likes to make little cum shows, he usually waits to get up to a certain level of tips and every time they reach his goal, he unleashes load after load. The fun thing is to try to keep him on the lower levels of the tip bar to see if he can really keep up stroking that Asian cock of his for long enough to reach his tip goal, not only is it hot, but it’s almost as fun as jerking off while watching him.

After some time of spending time in his group chat I thought about something fun I could do, but for that I really needed some one on one time with our Asian little plaything. I took him into private, and while chatting a bit with TWINKlustyCOCK, I proposed my little game to him. I told him that while we were on private, the more orgasms he could manage to pull off, I’d leave a special little tip for each one he had, depending on my own scale of how much I liked it of course.

Now understand that he was on for hours by the time I took him to private, all I really wanted to do was see this little cutie squirm trying to squeeze out as many orgasms as possible in our private show… But he did not take my challenge lightly, oh no, not at all. He started off by stroking that cock of his slowly just up until the point where he was hard again, and then he got out the big guns, or well, perhaps I should say the big toys. He bent over and toyed his ass while jerking off, orgasm after orgasm, he didn’t stop for a moment, I counted at least five loads… Not counting mine of course, otherwise the number would have been a bit higher.

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